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Shipyard Surveying

When the dimensions of a yacht under construction increase, and consequentially the complexity of the work and the costs involved become significant, the presence at the shipyard of a technician trusted by the vessel owner during the various working phases becomes an indispensable element for the proper management of relations among the involved parties, as well as for the positive outcome of the construction project.

Presale commercial technical survey

This is one of our most complete services, designed to provide concrete assistance to those who are purchasing a used vessel and would like to reduce risks deriving from an “emotional” handling of the negotiations to minimum.

Professional experience is fundamental for this activity; it is the main resource on which the technician may draw in order to reconstruct the lifespan of the vessel in question in only a few hours.

Commercial valutations

Determining the real actual value of a yacht is not limited to the reading of a few advertisiments, nor is it sufficient to rely on the information provided by publications dedicated to the sector.

If the operation were truly so simple, courts, law firms, banks, financial institutions and insurance companies surely would not require the services of a specialized technician.

Commercial vessels

Interventions on commercial vessels require an in depth examination of the proposed project and therefore cannot be dealt with in a summarized or generic explanation.
The “C.te Piero Ragazzi Naval Technical Office” has acquired considerable experience in the management of hull and machinery damage as well as cargo damage; trasparency and timeliness of works are the main reasons that owners have relied on our services and today remain our faithful clients.

Safety inspections

The year 2000 witnessed an epochal revolution in the yachting sector which abandoned the monopolistic system for the management of technical safety inspections on yachts.

As is true for any significant event, this innovation also resulted in powerful repercussions in a sector, which for better or for worse seemed crystallized in anachronistic positions.

Global technical management

Contrary to what many people believe, even though technical management requires a high level of work commitment and responsibility, it is not reserved solely for larger vessels and it may also be appropriate to initiate relationships for managing mid-size vessels, especially if we take into consideration the fact that these types of vessels generally do not consider the hiring of a full time commander to be necessary or advantageous.

Monitoring of refitting

An important renovation, repair of damage sustained during a serious accident or the transformation and improvement of yacht can result in the owner needing to select a shipyard capable of conducting intense interventions of considerable cost to a positive outcome.

Only a few fortunate people can constantly and skilfully monitor the works in progress, evaluating the techniques used and checking compliance with estimated costs and agreed delivery times.

Insurance surveys

This service is obviously designed primarly for insurance companies needing risk appraisals of the vessel to be insured. In reality, the technical/commercial survey has a fundamental value for the protection of the rights of the insured.

The scope of the insurance survey is in fact to ascertain both the safety conditions of the vessel in question and its current commercial value.

Accident assistance

One of the worst situations which can occur in the course of managing the process for the liquidation of damages related to an accident is running up against a technician with little specific experience in the nautical sector who has been assigned to estimate damages by the insurance company.

Legal surveys

Even though common sense has it that amicable resolutions are always the most civil, rapid and economical way to resolve disputes, it also happens that the parties involved sometimes cannot come to an agreement that satisfies them both; the outcome is often a legal action.
The correct technical management of consulting services during a dispute in the nautical or maritime environment is indispensable and often a determining factor once in the hands of a law firm.