Piero Ragazzi | Monitoring of refitting
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Monitoring of refitting

Marine Surveys

An important renovation, repair of damage sustained during a serious accident or the transformation and improvement of yacht can result in the owner needing to select a shipyard capable of conducting intense interventions of considerable cost to a positive outcome.

Only a few fortunate people can constantly and skilfully monitor the works in progress, evaluating the techniques used and checking compliance with estimated costs and agreed delivery times.

All owners must choose whether to completely rely on the repairer or to nominate a representative to protect the interests of the owner in a professional manner, and even more importantly, in a transparent manner.

The process of nominating a director of works is widespread for large vessels and a consolidated procedure in the naval field. We believe that medium size vessels can also benefit from assigning responsibility for the management of interventions and that this is fundamental.

In addition to consideration of the results obtained, it can also be interesting to evaluate how much it could cost an owner in terms of money, time, loss of work and fatigue, assuming that he or she is technically capable of evaluating the works in progress by professionals in a sector which is outside the owner’s normal field of expertise, making weekly visits to the shipyard where the works are taking place.

The presence of a fiduciary person in the shipyard representing the owner also prevents the risk of conflicts, which are not usually resolved amicably and can often turn into costly legal disputes.