Piero Ragazzi | Commercial valutations
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Commercial valutations

Marine Surveys

Determining the real actual value of a yacht is not limited to the reading of a few advertisements, nor is it sufficient to rely on the information provided by publications dedicated to the sector.

If the operation were truly so simple, courts, law, firms, banks, financial institutions and insurance companies surely would not require the services of a specialized technician.

If we accept this axiom, also demonstrated by facts, it is evident that the Maritime Broker is an indispensable figure whenever it becomes necessary to objectively and legally establish the real value of a yacht or A ship.

Knowledge in the commercial realm is a necessary virtue, however is not sufficient to encompass all the professional qualifications necessary for expressing valuations which are often truly challenging.

It is for this reason that the professional profiles of Naval Surveyor and Maritime Broker are epitomized by and come together to form the cultural background necessary for the professional and transparent management of such a delicate task.

We consider the results of a study based on these accredited professional skills to be an added value to the quantification expressed, which is as a result appropriate for any purpose, whether legal or commercial.

Also in this case, appraisal surveys do not stop at ascertaining the technical condition of a yacht.

It is perhaps unnecessary to underline the fact that there is no point in establishing the theoretical value of a property if this classification does not take into account the costs necessary for reconditioning, repairing or bringing up to code a vessel which may have a series of defects that are not easily identified.

The costs for these types of services are obviously variable depending on particular requests.