Piero Ragazzi | Safety inspections
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Safety inspections

Marine Surveys

The year 2000 witnessed an epochal revolution in the yachting sector which abandoned the monopolistic system for the management of technical safety inspections on yachts.

As is true for any significant event, this innovation also resulted in powerful repercussions in a sector, which for better or for worse seemed crystallized in anachronistic positions.

As a result old and new figures proposed an alternative service to that which existed previously, which had “institutional” characteristics and in some ways was not greatly appreciated because it was mixed up with all the other hoops which have always suffocated the nauticalsector.

Deregulation had the advantage of offering alternatives to the OWNER who today have the possibility of autonomously deciding who will be their technical partner in the management of their vessel’s safety.

Neverthless, this new system has not produced solely positive results, since in some cases a notable decrease in the quality of the services on offer has been evident, as well as a decrease in the skills of the technicians involved. This is why using our office for collaboration with the RINA (REGISTRO ITALIANO NAVALE) has been selected as the most effective option to give yacht owners a different take on the task of periodic inspection for renewal of the Safety Certificate.

Our aim is in fact to offer the opportunity of a serious check-up on the safety conditions of the vessel, further consolidating the relationship that we share with our clients, who will have the opportunity to get to know our working methods.

Management of the periodical and occasional inspections therefore becomes a chance to explore or renew a consulting relationship that can transform bureaucratic deadlines from an unpleasant imposition into a chance to work together to ensure the technical reliability and safety of the vessel.

Our Technical Department has been qualified for implementing surveys in this sector since the effective date of the new regulations, and immediately took on the role of leader in the northern Tyrrhenian Sea, annualy performing hundreds of inspections on all types of vessels, based on the professionalism of its technicians and the strength and validity of its services.

The inspection service is usually guaranteed within 24 hours of the call and with a positive otucome of the inspection, documentation is issued within 48-72 hours from the inspection visit.