Piero Ragazzi | Global technical management
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Global technical management

Marine Surveys

Contrary to what many people believe, even though technical management requires a high level of work commitment and responsibility, it is not reserved solely for larger vessels and it may also be appropriate to initiate relationships for managing mid-size vessels, especially if we take into consideration the fact that these types of vessels generally do not consider the hiring of a full time commander to be necessary or advantageous.

In order to avoid confusion over the service offered by a professional structure with the service provided by a sailor on the quay, technical management is intended as the transfer of the management, organizational and inspection tasks from the owner of the yacht to an inspector of his/her choosing.

The proper development and transparent management of the relationship based on the definition of the needs of the owner, who, while remaining the main director of vessel’s management, assigns responsibility for the management and control of the works executed in the shipyard and by craftsmen to the fiduciary technical organization for the project.

This commitment is formalized by the stipulation of a detailed contract between the parties in order to construct the basis for a relationship characterized by maximum transparency of intentions and actions.

Due to the immense responsibility that the proper and professional execution of the task requires, the relationship between the parties is in this case reversed in relation to the normal practice of offer/request, since it is vice versa the owner who proposes his/her vessel and illustrates his/her own needs.

At this point, the Office evaluates all of the information provided, and creates a program and cost estimate customized for the requirements of the owner. After creating the management plan proposal, the Office accepts the fiduciary role.

Special offers are available for shipping companies and shipyards for management of their fleets.