Piero Ragazzi | Activities
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  • Construction assistance (surveyors), management of works progress (SAL) both from a construction standpoint and a financial standpoint, tests and inspections pertaining to agreed performance and control of perfect state of the art execution.
  • Survey activities prior to purchase of a used vessel for everything from a boat to a super yacht, for sailboats and motorized vessels.
  • Issue of a post launch technical certification, ordinary and extraordinary management, and compensation of magnetic compasses for the issue of the Table of Residual Deviations for private individuals and shipyards, such as the Gruppo Ferretti – Riva, Baglietto, Intermarine, Cerri Marine, etc).
  • Non-destructive tests and ultrasound tests on hulls in metal, PRFV and composites;
  • Management of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance with “general contractor” organization;
  • Management of approval and renewal of Safety Certificates for vessels and implementation of safety inspections and occasional inspections by RINA – NES technicians (Non Exclusive Surveyors);
  • Insurance surveying for risk acquisition and management of accidents, both for private individuals and insurance companies operating in the sector in Italy and abroad.
  • Party-appointed technical exper witness (CTP) in the legal sector as well as the civil sector for shipyards, law firms, banks, private individuals, craftsmen, etc;
  • Court-appointed technical expert witness (CTU) for the Civil Court and the Criminal Court of La Spezia;
  • Naval Engineering and Nautical Engineering;
  • Journalism services for articles in “Vela e Motore” and “Barche da Sogno – Dream Boats”.