Piero Ragazzi | Accident assistance
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Accident assistance

Marine Surveys

One of the worst situations which can occur in the course of managing the process for the liquidation of damages related to an accident is running up against a technician with little specific experience in the nautical sector who has been assigned to estimate damages by the insurance company.

To further complicate things, just as opposites attract, the insurance companies which are less sensitive to the reasoning of the injured party, for obvious economic reasons, usually rely on just these types of professionals.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to expect these professionals to provide good advice regarding the type of intervention required to perfectly restore the safety conditions to pre-accident standards. It is also not possible to have any guarantees that the repairs will result in a perfect aesthetic outcome and one which does not compromise the future commercial valuation of the yacht.

The work of a third party surveyor therefore becomes fundamental both for implementing the correct contract terms, as well as for illustrating the reasoning of the client and evaluating whether it is possible for the parties to come to an agreement or it is preferable to delegate the reimbursement issue to a law firm.

Once the survey is concluded, the Office issues a complete technical report, which in the future will attest the correct execution of works and become a significant support when negotating the sale of the vessel.

Prior to confirming the project, our Office will evaluate whether there are any incompatibilies or conflicts of interest (for example, making certain that the insurance company is not part of a group with which the office is currently collaborating).

If there are no issues which conflict with confirmation of the project, the costs of the intervention obviously depend on the type of service requested as well as the logistical characteristics, and a non-binding estimate will be prepared for the potential client.