Piero Ragazzi | Legal surveys
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Legal surveys

Marine Surveys

Even though common sense has it that amicable resolutions are always the most civil, rapid and economical way to resolve disputes, it also happens that the parties involved sometimes cannot come to an agreement that satisfies them both; the outcome is often a legal action.

The correct technical management of consulting services during a dispute in the nautical or maritime environment is indispensable and often a determining factor once in the hands of a law firm.

Understanding and knowing how to clearly illustrate the dynamics of an event, find the cause and produce the proof, evaluate the proper behaviour of a commander and reconstruct a credible scenario are extremely challenging tasks, and only technicians who possess ample theoretical and practical experience are capable of offering adeguate support.

Consolidated collaboration with numerous law firms has allowed us to develop a consulting service which effectively covers the probative necessities, reducing the risk of pursuing any action without certain results to an absolute minimum. Our services rely on the lawyer as much as on the private individual or the operator evaluating the prospects for taking the case to cour in order to obtain proper recognition of their legal rights.

Rapid contact with the technician who will work alongside the lawyer is a determining factor in the final result, and we are therefore completely at your disposition, offering preliminary support at no cost and adequately and rationally evaluating risks and possibilities for success.

The cost estimate will be formulated based on the characteristics of the professional project.