Piero Ragazzi | MANGUSTA 165 E
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Winner of the Boat of the Year 2014 in the superyacht category, this is a 50-metre maxi open built by Overmarine offering safe navigation at 40 knots and a unique experience for guests with regard to on-board comfort.

mangusta_165_E_Piero_RagazziSuperyacht category – motivation for the prize
“This prize rewards the attainment of the most advanced balance between top perfor-mance and comfort aboard. It is a project that has arrived at maturity, offering surprising space, given the type of yacht, with a level of comfort that used to be impossible in a maxi open. The level of optimisation has led to a product that is of a practically new category, to the point that the E alongside the 165 identifies the evolution of a model embodying the very icon of the Mangusta brand. The design team’s work was not limited to refreshing style and aesthetics, but also concerned every single technical and functional aspect, with any eye too to a study of the fluid dynamics. The result is a 50-metre yacht displacing 350 tonnes capable of 40 knots but with an extremely low level of vibration and noise, thanks to its hydrojet propulsion. The construction using digitally controlled ma-chines has reduced tolerances in building the yacht to the millimetre, and also benefits from the effective and reassuring decision to effect a traditional construction for the hull. Equally significant is the research effected in designing the interiors which, despite the sporty vocation of the vessel, offer modern spaces full of charm, thanks to a skilful blend of no less than 12 types of marble and 15 types of wood”.

The yacht had its debut at the Monaco Yacht Show 2014 and immediately stood out for the combination of linear tautness and expressiveness, balance and dynamism, the amount of space aboard and the levels of comfort, safety and practicality.
The vessel, which belongs to the Mangusta 165 series (nine yachts delivered in less than seven years), is in fact a new model – the ‘E’ stands for ‘evolution’ – and the result of specific requirements from the owner, who wanted a reinterpretation of the Mangusta lines to offer an even more aggressive and sculpted look than the existing range.
The yard’s own Artistic Office and designer Stefano Righini opted for both aesthetic and structural changes, including the creation of a single window for the saloon, offering excellent visibility interior, and an updated flybridge, which has been designed to offer an extra metre’s length and make it possible to add a sofa and steel handrail incorporated into the structure.from within and plenty of natural light for the interior, and an updated flybridge, which has been designed to offer an extra metre’s length and make it possible to add a sofa and steel handrail incorporated into the structure.

interno_mangusta_165_Piero_RagazziThe result is new flagship for the range with a sweeping profile and light lines, and a view from aft that is powerful and aggressive.
The dynamic thrust of the design corresponds to equally excellent seaworthiness: a cruising speed of 25 knots and top speed of 40 using three diesel Mtu 16V 4000 M93L engines developing 4,610 horsepower each. Add these figures to a universally recognised reliability in the matter of construction and the result ensures that the Mangusta 165 E is the fastest maxi open in its category.
Comparable to a three-decked vessel of the same size, the spaces of the 165 E stand out not only for the volume – an aspect that is in itself significant given the category of yacht – but also for the comfort assured guests. Behind the scenes of the construction is lots of meticulous, highly detailed work, geared to assuring the highest standards of comfort at high speed. Everything has been studied down to the tiniest details: from the control of the construction processes and vibration to the selection of composite construction used, and from noise insulation to the ergonomic study of the layout.
Like every Mangusta, Moonraker (which is the name of the vessel) has totally custom-made interiors, and levels of personalisation that excel not only in terms of the richness and quality of materials used, but also for the aesthetic and functional solutions. For example, the skylight in the saloon is an impressive feature, including a led bar lighting system in the place of the traditional spots; another is the console of the control panel, with the monitors of the instruments set into a single glass panel. Using touchscreens, it is possible to select various preconfigured modes or assign the device one wants displayed singly to each monitor. Sophisticated and refined, the interiors are marked by lacquers, chrome effects and the finest materials, with over 15 types of wood and 12 types of marble, plenty of leather, including of thoroughbred breeds, and also glass, mother-of-pearl and onyx.
The main deck is wholly dedicated to the saloon, an immense open space flooded with daylight that filters through the lateral windows and five skylights over the varnished rosewood dining table. The fulcrum of the living area, is a four-metre-long bar with sides of ebony and top of Blue Tiger Eye marble, a precious collage of rare stones from around the world and, behind, a unit containing liqueurs and spirits and fitted with an up & down system to appear and disappear according to need without interfering with the light entering through the window.
At the same level as the bar, there is a TV that slides into the ceiling and faces the living area, equipped with custom-made sofas of grey leather and silver-white marble arms, and a low gloss-painted coffee table with leather top. Next to the dining table seating ten, there are two illuminated steel and glass units that can contain up to 96 bottles of wine. On the same deck, we find a day toilet at the entrance to the saloon, and a separate wheelhouse, forward of the dining area.
The sleeping accommodation is on the lower deck, together with a cinema, a gym, a day toilet and a hammam. The accommodation includes a full-width owner’s cabin, two guest cabins with double beds and a Vip cabin located forward.

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